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3D images

Last weekend, some random internet wanderings lead me to re-investigate http://www.daz3d.com and the free 3D software they provide.

I spend about 6 hours learning how to use it and crafted a groovey little vignette depicting a close encounter with a very bright little alien.

The visitor

As a measure of the learning curve, it took something like half an hour to get her to hold onto the gun. Maybe another just getting that expression on her face.

I was terribly proud of it for a first effort and set it as my desktop background. All the next day I got a fair amount of guff about whether it was work appropriate.

I would explain that:
a) this is the default model.
b) I didn't sex her up any
c) I don't think this is a particularly provocative pose and
d) these were the most sedate clothes they had for free.

So, in an effort to make everyone more comfortable, I updated the picture with a different model. As I hoped, my new wallpaper got a reaction.

Male visitor



It turns out I made it to gencon after all.

Sort of. After a last minute decision to go, Jordan and I left around 9am. We arrived at 11, spent an hour or so waiting in line to get in, spent some more time waiting in lines to play a demo game or two, and then went home. I forgot to bring Jack's number to call him, or even that this newfangled cell phone technology was even an option. So we didn't meet up.

On the way home we got stuck 30 cars back from an accident that required 3 helicopters and a two hour additional wait. So we spent 6 hours on the road and 3 hours looking at stuff that we (mostly) didn't buy.

I bought a large vinyl mat with graph paper on it, mostly because I had always wanted one as a youth, and it was only $10. Jordan bought two dice (I tried to get him to buy more) and a sonic screwdriver (River Tam Song style) for his mother.

We brought the munchkin counter box to show the guys at the Steve Jackson games booth. They were always busy doing demos of "munchkin quest" (the board game version) so I finally hit upon the expedient of having Jordan play a demo game. Which was nice because he was interested in it anyway, and it gave me an excuse to sit down and demonstrate the counter box.

For beating the demo, Jordan was awarded with a custom hand written munchkin card saying "+10 to the level of a monster" to be played like any of the other enhancers. i.e. "You are not just facing a vorpal bunny, it's a 'humungus' vorpal bunny now." Alas, when we went to buy the game, it turned out they were sold out.

It was only after we got home I noticed that the enhancement on the card is "transistorized" to go with my box, which amuses me greatly. Now for all time, every game we play, Jordan is going to say "aha, that's not a clown mole, it's a TRANSISTORIZED clown mole!"

edit: I referred to the future companion originally as "River Tam" instead of "River Song." A Freudian slip, I'm sure.

My Munchkins score keeper box.

I have finally finished my electronic score keeper/box-o-fun project and have a video to prove it.

Actually, I finished the project a few months ago, but only got around to making the video today. It just now occurs to me (a little late) that what I SHOULD have done was take it to GenCon this weekend and show it to the folk at the SJ games booth to garner accolades. Whoops, maybe next year.

Or maybe not. I've had all my gamer friends make the sort of polite noises over it I would expect, but nothing like the life threatening excitement I experienced. Given that its functions can be duplicated by a set of four ten sided dice and the willingness to shout "you are all losers" when your die gets up to 10, this is understandable. The people who are really amazed by it are folks I've shown at work, who are appropriately astounded that I actually designed my own circuit board, but then have to ask "what is it for again?"

Apparently I don't know anyone whose confluences of geek interests exactly matches mine. I'm ok with that.

Some time shortly I'll post all the details of its construction along with schematics and source code for those interested in such things. In the mean time, this flickr set has all the pictures I thought to take while putting it together.

New adventure

In an hour or so I will board a flight for VA. Once there I will a) help my mother clean out her flooded basement and b) attempt to drive the van, with it's THIRD engine, back to Ohio.

Wish me luck on both endeavors, and anyone who wants to spend a few hours this weekend helping my mother out will be rewarded with something good to eat.
What challenges stand in the way of your ideal lifestyle? How are you working to overcome them?

The lack of anti-gravity technology is really putting a cramp in my preferred lifestyle.

I'm really not at liberty to say how I am going about solving that little problem.

Travel Woes

We still have not returned from Virgina.

I am back in Ohio, but only was able to do so by abandoning my family in various states along the way.

Last Sunday, 68 miles into our trip home, the engine on our van suffered a spectacular and sudden death. We have AAA which service includes towing up to a hundred miles, so back to my Mom's house we went.

I REALLY needed to get back to work, so Monday I rented a car ($200+ for one way trip) and drove back with Jordan and the two cats.

crying catsCollapse )

But enough about my problems.

Michelle is hosedCollapse )

In the mean time, Michelle is highly motivated to get home, having been delayed a week, so I have rented ANOTHER car, and am about to drive to Grafton or somewhere in between to pick them up.

Crafty Meme update

I'm participating in a Craft Gift exchange which has started to bear fruit. Here is the current status.

picturesCollapse )

Updated Itinerary

It's still not to late to bask in my presence, but slots are filling up fast. Here is the latest itinerary.

itineraryCollapse )

In other news, my foot is totally better, most probably due to the steroids my doctor proscribed over the phone. Hooray for steroids! Unfortunately, my blood sugar is twice as high as normal (yeah, I test it twice a day, who doesn't?) also probably because of the steroids. Boo steroids!


Safely in VA with internet

We arrived at my Mother's house around 10pm Sunday night. Normally we leave on a Friday night to insure two weekends in VA to visit with people (which never happens the first weekend, because I forget to tell anyone in time) but this time we had to wait until Sunday because Jordan had a boy scout event.

I had originally intended to hook up her Digital TV converter boxes, but it turned out that she had called verizon and ordered FIOS. So she went from having no cable or internet to fiber optics right to the house. The installation of this took ALL DAY MONDAY. The dude showed up at 10:30am and didn't leave until after five in the afternoon.

This took a long time because she had no existing cables in her home, a concept that the installer kept bumping up against. He was totally friendly and poo-pooed any suggestion on our part that this job was going to be any extra work, but I can't believe that it normally takes that long. And every once in a while he would find some new incredible thing to wonder about. i.e. "What cable company did you have? What, none?", "what is your email address? You don't have email?", "What, you don't have a cell phone?"

So, not only is there now more than two channels to watch, I have high speed internet via wireless, which was totally unexpected.

Also unexpected was another bout of debilitating gout which kept me from moving around much. I've been sitting with my foot on ice, making Jordan and the women bring me stuff. This is the same thing that put a cramp in my style last trip. I'm working on a theory that the culprit is Beef Jerky, which will be a shame if true. I like to eat beef jerky on long road trips.

So, here is my itinerary for the week. Please feel free to phone or email to be inserted into it.

WARNING! We brought both of our cats, so my mother's house is contaminated.

Sunday day: drive, drive and drive some more.
Sunday night: Midnight tacos my mother made.

Monday day: Sit around and watch the FIOS guy walk back and forth drilling holes in my mother's house.
Monday evening: Texas De Brazil -- I ate huge amounts of meat, and still didn't walk out feeling bloated. Awesome

Tuesday day: Sit around with ice on my foot (It worked, I feel MUCH better) and Pho for lunch. Michelle went to Wegman's without me because of my lameitude.
Tuesday evening: ???

Wednesday day: ???
Wednesday evening: Over to the Arnold house for game night

Thursday day: ??? (maybe Generous George's???)
Thursday evening: ???

Friday day: ???
Friday evening: Peking village

Saturday day: Dim Sum at Fortune with Perezes, Arnolds(??) and ???
Saturday evening: ??? (also possibly Generous George's) Michelle has plans so it will be just Jordan and I (and my mom)

Sunday day: Drive to Grafton to see my father on father's day (Damn it, I forgot to pack the gift I spent many hours making)
Sunday evening: Get ready for work on monday.


Off to VA, and some clarifications

In a couple of hours we are leaving for Virgina. Once again, people in that area can petition for an audience with me if they are so inclined. I may or may not have computer access so you will have to use the phone to contact me.

On Wednesday I'll be at Chez Arnold for game night.

For those who were confused by my posts yesterday, allow me to clarify a few things.

It was "blog like it's the end of the world" (bliteotw) day, a day where a bunch of bloggers pretend to be reacting to a sudden uptick in the zombie population, weaving a story across all their narratives. Like the other two years I have participated in this, it amuses me to imagine that a) the zombie apocalypse is a little tepid here in the midwest and b) that I'm totally clueless to the horror going on around me.

Twin dragon DID NOT suck and no one tried to eat my brains. Though I decided to throw in the end of the analog TV era as part of my apocalypse, I in fact don't know when they switched locally, since I have not had a TV hooked up to an antenna for many many years. With the exception of my mother, whom I am going to go hook up this evening, I don't know anyone affected.

I did spend an inordinate amount of time yesterday soldering stuff.



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